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  Sand Services
sand reclamation

Alexander Mill Services is currently at the forefront of the reclamation of specialized sand from landfill applications. Utilizing proprietary techniques, AMS produces and sells cost effective reclaimed products into the foundry industry.

Scrap Services
scrap handling | scrap cutting

AMSI can provide complete scrap yard services. This includes sorting, weighing, stockpiling, and loading scrap into rail cars or charging buckets as required by the mill. Mobile shears are used to cut scrap pieces. High productivity stationary shears can be installed.
    Metals Reclamation
Custom designed screeening plants

AMSI custom designs its own screening plants to meet the individual needs of the customers, helping to assure a cleaner and more consistent product. AMSI also uses ball-dropping cranes to break larger pieces of scrap into usable sizes.
  Slag Services
Slag Removal | Slag Processing & Sales

AMS loaders and pot carriers efficiently remove slag from the steelmakers melt shop.

Custom processing plants offer site-specific solutions to the sizing of slag products for sale.

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